2pac-Coleço de Musicas da Lenda do Rap Americano.

  1. ALL EYEZ ON ME INTRO zSHARE - all eyes on me pac intro.mp3
  2. All about u 1 new verse
  3. All out original dissin Jay-z
  4. Bury me a g 2 new verses
  5. Catchin feelings original dissin Biggie zSHARE - 2pac_-_catching_feelings__original_version_320_rip_.mp3
  6. High speed og
  7. Whatcha gonna do og
  8. Dont go to sleep original dissin bad boy Don't Go To Sleep (feat. E.D.I.) (OG).MP3 -
  9. Dont stop ft dogg pound dissin bad boy
  10. Dont u trust me original
  11. Everythin they owe original
  12. **** em all og dissin biggie Originals - Playlist - DivShare
  13. Get money og
  14. Ghetto gospel og
  15. Ghetto star og
  16. Grab the mic aka starin at the wolrd part 2 unreleased
  17. Good life og
  18. Happy home og
  19. High till i die og
  20. Hit em up part 2 Dissin Biggie & Bad boy rec
  21. Id rather be ur lover ft madonna
  22. Dumpin og
  23. JUst watchin unreleased
  24. Komrads
  25. letter to my unborn og
  26. late night og
  27. Letter to the president og
  28. Last 1 left og
  29. let em have it og
  30. lets fight
  31. Military minds og
  32. my closest roaddogs og
  33. my own style unreleased
  34. never had a friend like me og
  35. never b peace og
  36. never call u a ***** again og zSHARE - never call u bitch again original.mp3
  37. one day at a time OG zSHARE - one day at a time og.mp3
  38. only move for money
  39. open fire og
  40. out on bail og
  41. Pacs life og
  42. play ur cards right og
  43. r u still down og extra verse
  44. street fame og dissin nas & lil kim
  45. street life unreleased
  46. tattoo tears og
  47. there u go og
  48. this life i lead og
  49. thugs get lonely 2 og
  50. Flex unreleased zSHARE - flex.mp3
  51. Fuck all yall OG zSHARE - fuck_all_y_all__og_.mp3
  52. It aint necessarily so unreleased zSHARE - it aint necessarily so - very poor.mp3
  53. Ready 4 whateva OG zSHARE - ready 4 whatever1.og.feat.big syke.mp3
  54. Thug style OG zSHARE - thug style.mp3
  55. thug in me og
  56. tongue kissin unreleased
  57. 2 late player unreleased
  58. toss it up og
  59. troublesome 92
  60. until the end of time og
  61. untouchable drunk freestyle
  62. untouchable og ft left eye
  63. u can be touch unreleased
  64. u dont have to worry og
  65. whats next og
  66. when thugs cry og dissin nas
  67. when we ride Pac intro
  68. tell em unreleased
  69. when we ride on our enemies og dissin mobb deep & Da brat
  70. who do u love og
  71. wonder why they call u ***** different chorus zSHARE - 2pac - wonda why they call u bitch og.unreleased.mp3
  72. words to my 1st born og
  73. words to my 1st born og sax version zSHARE - words to my first born sax version.mp3
  74. world wide dime piece unreleased
  75. call it what u want
  76. cradle to the grave og
  77. dont stop the music og
  78. dont make enemies wit me og
  79. fade me unreleased
  80. fair xchange
  81. 1st to bomb dissin bad boy rec
  82. lil homies og dissin LL cool j in the outro of the song
  83. lifes so hard og
  84. loyal to the game og
  85. representin 4 ron g
  86. tear drops og
  87. thugs mansion og
  88. whats up wit the love
  89. time after time unreleased
  90. PAC AND BIGGIE LIVE zSHARE - pac and biggie live.mp3
  91. Biggie and Pac lets get it on zSHARE - pac biggie - lets get it on unreleased.mp3
  92. ***** nature zSHARE - thug nature_2pac_too gangsta for radio real re.mp3
  93. runnin from the police Pac ft Biggie zSHARE - File Not Found
  94. tryin to make it through zSHARE - File Not Found
  95. friends og dissin jayz and dre zSHARE - 2pac - friends.mp3
  96. ghetto star 1 Pac verse
  97. gotta get mine Gotta Get Mine [Video Version].wav -
  98. got to survive
  99. why u turn on me og dissin wendy williams, biggie & mobb deep zSHARE - File Not Found
  100. big tyme
  101. zSHARE - big tyme og feat live squad.mp3
  102. changes og
  103. zSHARE - changes__og_.mp3
  104. check out time extra verse bad quality
  105. zSHARE - check out time extra verse.mp3
  106. my block og
  107. zSHARE - my block og.mp3
  108. ***** unreleased
  109. zSHARE - nigga.mp3
  110. nothin but love og
  111. zSHARE - nothin_but_love__og_.mp3
  112. thug life outlawz & Pac outro
  113. zSHARE - thug_life.mp3
  114. still ballin og ft kurupt remix
  115. zSHARE - 2pac w kurupt - still ballin original.mp3
  116. gangsta team
  117. zSHARE - pac ice t- gansta team.mp3
  118. set it off unreleased
  119. zSHARE - set_it_off.mp3
  120. slippin into darkness
  121. zSHARE - slippin into darkness.mp3
  1. starin at the world through og
  2. zSHARE - staring through my rearview original.mp3
  3. tearz of a clown unreleased
  4. zSHARE - tearz of a clown unreleased.mp3
  5. bad boy og
  6. zSHARE - tha_mind_of_a_badboy__og_.mp3
  7. the government unreleased
  8. zSHARE - the government st. laz pottersfield.mp3
  9. struggle_continues unreleased
  10. zSHARE - the_struggle_continues._.mp3
  11. THROW UR HANDS UP unreleased
  12. zSHARE - throw your hands up.mp3
  13. thug 4 life og
  14. zSHARE - thug_4_life__og_.mp3
  15. U don’t wanna battle me unreleased
  16. zSHARE - u dont wanna battle.mp3
  17. what u wont do 4 love unreleased
  18. zSHARE - what you wont do 4 love.mp3
  19. what goes on unreleased
  20. zSHARE - what_goes_on__feat.mouse_man.mp3
  21. where will I be unreleased
  22. zSHARE - where_will_i_be__og_.mp3
  23. cause i had 2 og zSHARE - File Not Found
  24. troublesome 96 og
  25. when I get free unreleased
  26. 16 on death row og
  27. Against all odds unreleased skit
  28. Brothas at arms unreleased Alternate Versions - Playlist - DivShare
  29. I'm losin it og
  30. Danger time unreleased
  31. HOw do u want it Pac chorus
  32. papaz song og
  33. panther power young Pac
  34. Static og
  35. sucka 4 love og
  36. the mind of a bad boy og
  37. ****ing wit the wrong ***** og zSHARE - fuckin wit the wrong nigga original.mp3
  38. playa young thug zSHARE - File Not Found
  39. unconditional love zSHARE - File Not Found
  40. they dont igve a **** about us og zSHARE - File Not Found
  41. 4 the hustlas zSHARE - 4 tha hustlas.mp3
  42. Deadly Combination zSHARE - File Not Found
  43. are u still down ft john b Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire
  44. 4 my *****s dissin da brat and ll cool j Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire
  45. dusted zSHARE - 08-e-40-dusted_n_disgusted.wav
  46. cant turn back
  48. homies and thugs zSHARE - File Not Found
  49. homies and thugs remix zSHARE - File Not Found
  50. runnin on e og dissin bad boy & mobb deep zSHARE - File Not Found
  51. thug love og
  52. where ever u are unreleased zSHARE - File Not Found
  53. gaffled Gaffled [Original Version].mp3 - File Shared from - Free Online File Storage
  54. me and my homies og zSHARE - File Not Found
  55. got me strapped
  56. initiated ft dogg pound
  57. Dont sleep og Don't Sleep (GO Twice Remix).mp3
  58. Pain og
  59. 1st to bomb ft dogg pound
  60. Dont go to sleep daz remix
  61. how long will they mourm me unreleased verse zSHARE - File Not Found
  62. Shank wit u
  63. Static OG
  64. Hell 4 a hustla OG dissin Jayz, mobb deep & big Originals - Playlist - DivShare
  65. Hellrazor OG
  66. Holla if u hear me OG new verse
  67. Li to kick it OG
  68. /Lie_To_Kick_It__OG_VIBE_.mp3
  69. Secrets of war OG
  70. Thugz mansion OG
  71. Is it cool 2 **** unreleased zSHARE - makaveli_the_don_-_is_it_cool_to_fuck_feat_thuglife_macadoshis_and_r ated_r-ysp.mp3
  72. LOST SOULS OG zSHARE - lost souls original.mp3
  73. DAYS OF A CRIMINAL zSHARE - 2pac - dayz of a criminal.mp3
  74. TILL MY DYING DAY UNRELEASED zSHARE - till_my_dying_day__killuminati_remaster__-__thuglove_.mp3
  76. LIVIN IN PAIN 10 Living In Pain.mp3 - File Shared from - Free Online File Storage
  77. SMILE OG zSHARE - 2pac - smile ogcdq.mp3
  78. NEVER CALL U ***** AGAIN zSHARE - never call u bitch again original version .mp3
  79. MILLION DOLLAR SPOT zSHARE - e-40 makaveli b-legit - million dollar spot.mp3
  80. *****Z DONE CHANGED zSHARE - richie rich makaveli - niggas done changed.mp3
  81. STILL I RISE OG zSHARE - still_i_rise__feat.outlawz__big_syke_._og_.mp3
  82. THEY DONT GIVE A **** BOUT US zSHARE - 2pac - they dont give a fuck about us og.mp3
  83. NEVER HAD A FRIEND LIKE ME zSHARE - never had a friend like me.mp3
  84. WHO DO U BELIVE IN OG zSHARE - who do you believe in feat. kadafi.mp3
  85. WE DO THIS zSHARE - too short - we do this f. pac n mc breed.mp3
  86. THUG ***** OG zSHARE - thug_nigga__og_.mp3
  87. COMIN REAL AGAIN zSHARE - pac feat mc breed_comin real again.mp3
  88. NUMBER 1 WIT THE BULLET zSHARE - number_one_with_a_bullet.mp3
  89. MADE *****S PREMIX zSHARE - made_niggaz__pre-mix___og_.mp3
  90. BLAC JESUS OG zSHARE - black_jesuz__og_.mp3
  91. BID BAD LADY zSHARE - 03_big bad lady.mp3
  92. ONE NATION INTRO zSHARE - one nation intro.mp3
  93. PASS THE 40 zSHARE - pass the 40 raw fusion feat. 2pac.mp3
  94. LETS GET IT ON MIKE TYSON FIGHT zSHARE - lets_get_it_on.mp3
  95. AMBITIONZ AS A FIGHTA MIKE TYSON FIGHT zSHARE - 2pac - ambitionz az a fighta tyson fight .mp3
  96. Road to glory unreleased 4 mike tyson fight
  97. Tupac's last interview

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