sábado, 29 de novembro de 2008

Scarface - Emeritus

01. Intro (Feat. J.Prince)
02. High Powered (Feat. Papa Rue)
03. Forgot About Me (Feat. Lil' Wayne And Bun B)
04. Can't Get Right (Feat. Bilal)
05. Still Here (Feat. Shateish)
06. It's Not A Game
07. Who Are They (Feat. K-Rino And Slim Thug)
08. Soldier Story (The Product Featuring Z-Ro)
09. Redemption Song
10. High Note
11. We Need You (Feat. Wacko Of UTP)
12. Unexpected (Feat. Wacko Of UTP)
13. Emeritus
14. Outro

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