terça-feira, 30 de junho de 2009

Jay-Z barra performance de Chris Brown.

Boatos rolam que estava prevista uma performance
de chris brown em homenagem a Michael Jackson mas Jay Z disse
q se o Chris Brown fizesse uma performance ele Jay Z
nao cantava D.O.A .Eu li isto no twitter do Juelz Santana..

Relato Original do Juelz em seu Twitter

A! i know he woulda Killed it A! I woulda rather seen Chris Brown come out & do his tribute to Mike. It woulda been the 1st time he Performed since ? A! & i just heard thru the grape vine that Jay-Z said he would not Perform if Chris Brown was gonna perform.. SMH Sucker Move A! i take nothin away from Jay-Z. i dont wanna sound like a Hater but his swagger was on Zero yesterday

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