Mac Dre - What It Thizz

Sunday, 26 October 2008 16:29


01. intro
02. aint wit it (feat. hollow tip)
03. another feature (feat. real 1)
04. claim to be a mac (feat. m.a.k, d-moe)
05. hit hard (feat. big famous, young d)
06. this is my year (feat. kaotic)
07. the funk is endless (feat. dre d, m.a.k) 4:15
08. check my description (feat. m-dash, nbd)
09. young p.i.m.p (feat. young menace)
10. backwoods swisher sweet (feat. big famous, young jayda)
11. bosses will be bosses (feat. rup dog, bueno, mistah fab)
12. cant fucc wit us (remix) (feat. luni coleone)
13. just lace-n-em (feat. j-dubb, spice 1)
14. thizzin (feat. miami, bavgate, black mafia)
15. its all gravy (feat. young 3)

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