sexta-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2009

Z-Ro - Greatest Hits

01. Mo City Don (Prod. By Z-Ro)
02. Z-Ro (Prod. By Mike Dean)
03. From The South (Feat. Paul Wall And Lil Flip) (Prod. By Mr. Lee)
04. I Hate U (Prod. By Mike Dean)
05. Top Notch (Prod. By Mr. Lee)
06. The Mule (Feat. Devin The Dude And Juvenile) (Prod. By Dani Kartel)
07. These Niggaz (Feat. Scarface) (Prod. By Leroy Williams)
08. That’s Who I Am (Prod. By Mr. Lee)
09. Respect My Mind (Prod. By Mike Dean)
10. Help Me Please (Prod. By Mr. Lee)
11. II Many Niggaz (Prod. By Solo)
12. One Deep (Prod. By Mike Dean)
13. M-16 (Feat. Trae And P.O.P.) (Prod. By Enigma)
14. 25 Lighters (Prod. By Z-Ro)

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